Requirements :

6 x 6-sided dice
pen & paper
level playing surface


Aim :

to be the first to achieve exactly 100 points


Starting the game :

Roll 1 die each, lowest score goes first



Each player has 3 dice

Player 1 rolls 2 dice to try to achieve a HOT SCORE (7 or 11) which are worth 15 points.

Player 1 can choose to use their 3rd die to try to get closer to a HOT SCORE. This dice is called "The Bonus Dice". It is not obligatory to use The Bonus Dice - Player 1 can "stick" on 2 dice if it seems tactically useful. The number achieved by throwing The Bonus Dice goes either up or down (fig 1)

If a HOT SCORE is not achieved with 2 or 3 dice, there are two other scoring brackets:

NEAR SCORE (6,8,10,12) which are worth 5 points &

FAR SCORE (all the other numbers) which are worth 10 points

Player 2 then tries to beat Player 1's score which can be achieved by:

GENERAL RULE: 2 dice beats 3 (there is one exception to this rule, see "Special Rules, below)
with FAR SCORES, the Player with a FAR SCORE closest to a HOT SCORE wins (i.e 5 beats 15, because 5 is closer to a HOT SCORE than 15)

The winner of each round's scores are added to the players previous score. The loser of each round does not win any points and starts the next round.

Gameplay continues until one player achieves exactly 100 points. This player is the winner!

If a player goes over 100 points, any points they win are subtracted again towards 100. (fig 2)



If exactly the same score bracket is achieved with the same amount of dice, a challenge occurs to decide the winner of the round.

One player throws a die and notes whether the number thrown is Odd or Even.

Say the die thrown was Even

Both players throw all three of their dice trying to achieve as many Even dice as possible

The winner is the player with the most Even dice. The winner gains 10 points, the loser loses 10 points.

If an equal amount of Even dice are thrown, the lowest score of the Even dice is the winner

If both an equal amount of Even dice are thrown and an equal score, the challenge is begun again aiming towards Even dice. The winner of a double challenge gains 20 points and the loser loses 20 points.

If an equal challenge is thrown again, a triple challenge would incur a +30/-30 result. This can continue on and on.

The loser in a challenge round starts again with a normal round.


Special Rules:

Forcing a challenge - If Player 1 rolls a HOT SCORE with 2 dice and Player 2 does not, Player 2 can "Force a challenge" by attempting to throw the other HOT SCORE with their Bonus Dice. (eg if Player 1 has achieved a 7 with 2 dice, Player 2 can try to achieve 11 with 3 dice). If this is successful, a challenge round occurs.

3 of a kind - rolling 3 dice of the same number is the equivalent of a HOT SCORE. If the other player has a HOT SCORE or 3 of a kind, a double challenge occurs.